July 31, 2019


The Go Bear was established in the year 2016. It is situated in the Philippines and is privately owned.

The following are the products offered at Go Bear:

  • Credit cards

E.g. Air Miles Credit Cards are used by customers who tend to use air means as their means of travel. The Credit Cards are secured online

  • Insurance

E.g. Car Insurance – The car insurance covers for damages that occur to your car during the following: Strike, riot and civil commotion, Natural disaster, Fire, Accident, Theft, If another individual damages the car intentionally.

  1. Home Insurance – It is used to cater for building again your house in-case it is damaged. The Home Insurance covers for damages that occur to your house during the following: A Natural Disaster, Activities of terrorism, Fire, Strike, riot and civil commotion.
  2. Travel Insurance – An applicant does not need to have a VISA to secure a travel insurance. One can be able to travel and visit 66 countries in total. They are: Uganda, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Seychelles, Thailand, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Togo, Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya, Mongolia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Niue, Ecuador, Djibouti, Trinidad and Tobago, Maldives, Malawi, Mauritania, Myanmar, Tuvalu, Samoa, Suriname, Vanuatu, Palau Islands, Macao, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Peru,
  • Loans

E.g. 1. Home Loans – It is used by an applicant to do the following: To purchase a property, to pay back money owed to other people by the applicant securing a loan.

  1. Short term loans – It has an easy process of securing the loan. Short-term loans are usually paid back in Installments. It does not an applicant to have a collateral. An applicant needs to have attained the minimum age required to have an Identification card. The more an applicant repays the loan, the higher chances of increase the amount they can borrow.

3.Personal loans – It is used by an applicant to do the following: Begin an entrepreneur activity with the aim of making money. When applying for the loan an applicant needs to be honest and not use false information in the application form. One also needs to have means of repaying the loan such as having been a continuous employment in a stable job.

  • Deposit

E.g. 1. Time Deposit – It can be defined as an example of an investment account where a client puts his/her money for a specific duration of time. The duration in which a client can put his/her money is between 1 month to 5 years. The money kept in a Time Deposit is able to accrue high interest.

  1. Savings Account – It can be defined as a place where a client puts his/her money for safe keeping. The money kept in a saving account is able to accrue interest. In addition, the money in the saving account is insured, this is by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) to an amount of ₱500,000
  • Loan Amortization

These are types of loans which comprise a specified duration of time to pay back the loan. The following are some of the Loan Amortization.

They Are:

  • The Personal Loans
  • The Auto Loans
  • The Personal Loans

Loan Amortization is said to occur when a client pays back the money lend within a sequence of time, while ensuring every sequence contains same sum of money until the debt is repaid.

Features of Loan Amortization;

  • There is interest allocated to the loan secured
  • There is principal allocated to the loan secured

Their contact is:

The following are the various methods in which one can use to gain access to Go Bear, this may be for additional information or to launch a complaint for the services issued.

They are;

Dial the number: (+02) 805 8756

The Email Address is:

Their address is: The Ground Floor of Salamin Building 197 Salcedo Street,

Legaspi Village Makati City


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